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'AG AutoGas' Conversions is one of the oldest and best regarded names in the LPG industry. 

The business was established in the early eighties and quickly made a name for itself for innovation and technical skill.  AG Autogas pioneered the 'Twin Filler' where the gas and petrol fillers are co-located.  This is now a common feature on most vehicles but was frist introduced on the Nissan Patrol in 1988.

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As the proprietor of AG Autogas I am proud to inform you that we have had in excess of 50,000 LPG Gas Conversions go through the business over the years.

Over time, our drive to always be the best in the industry, led us to being the first installer ever to implement an ISO 9002 quality assurance system for conversions. In 2000 we shipped vehicles to Europe for development of the first sequential Gas Injection systems to be fitted to Australian vehicles.  Although somewhat premature for the local market it was the way of the future, abroad.

Now that LPG powered vehicles have to meet emissions standards and because of the great sophistication of the petrol fuel systems it is now common to use Sequential Gas Injection systems. In fact Mitsubishi Australia permit LPG to be fitted to their new vehicles but insist on Sequential Gas Injection type systems.  They also have ea factor endorsed system for fitting to new Mitsubishi and the AG Autogas are authorised to fit these. Because of the variety of conversions and the sheer volume that has passed through our doors over the years we have experience in LPG Gas Conversions that is second to none and this experience has delivered staff who are the best in the industry.

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